We are Essange Reagents

Who we are and what we do

What do we do?

  • We develop, produce and market reagents and kits
  • We provide assay services
  • We offer quality panels and surveys
  • We sell Magister C24
  • Assist with business development
  • We offer¬†OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) assays and antibodies for companies in the diagnostics industry, so they can benefit from our expertise.

Business development

Essange Reagents has various partnerships and collaborations to share knowledge and aid in business development.

The umbrella structure of Sanquin makes it easy to exchange know-how between the different business units. At Essange Reagents, we co-work with the units Sanquin Research & Labservices and Sanquin Diagnostic Services B.V., to share knowledge and skills to provide you with the optimal solution. We are an attractive partner to cooperate with and currently have several partnerships with Dutch institutes.

If you are interested in cooperation or business development to develop new technologies and tests for research and IVD, please use the contact form below.

Quality certification

In accordance with the guideline 98/79/EC by the European Parliament for in vitro diagnostics (IVD guideline), Sanquin Reagents B.V. obtained the CE mark for its in vitro diagnostic products. This guarantees the highest level of safety for patients, users, and third parties, especially for our blood grouping reagents.

The IgG subclass reagents and most CD monoclonal antibodies (used for diagnostic purposes) have been extensively documented and meet the requirements of the IVDD. The Technical Documentation includes detailed product descriptions, stability data, validations, and descriptions of the quality management system.

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