Magister Support

Service for Magister related hardware and software

Intended for service technicians to report problems to technical specialist at Essange Reagents for Magister related hardware and software issues. By providing this report, Essange Reagents is able to identify and assess which actions need to be taken to resolve issues found.

Service request form

Instrument type(Required)
Input instrument serial number
Date of complaint(Required)
What was the instrument doing at the time of the problem?
Please explain the problem in as much detail as possible. If needed, attach any relevant documentation, e.g. emails, photos, screenshots to explain the problem in further detail.
Provide either the Magister (eRobot, RepExplorer, QCapt and X-AP) or Magister C24 (Gladstone, Toolbox and/or Toolbox Testing) software version(s) which are used by the instrument.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 512 MB.
    Provide either Magister related (“X-Ap\data”, ”\db folders”, ”eRobot\data”, logs and/or screenshots) or Magister C24 related (“Gladstone/Log/yyyy/mm/dd” logs, “Gladstone/Archive/Temp/RecordHistory_yyyymmdd-tttt.xml” and/or screenshots) data files in ZIP-format.