For Monocyte Activation Test

Essange Reagents & Sanquin’s MAT kit: A highly sensitive in vitro human cell-based assay for pyrogen detection, worldwide available through our partner Lonza

The European Pharmacopeia (EP) states that, after a product-specific validation, the Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) is suitable as a replacement for the rabbit pyrogen test.

The MAT Cell Set offers a pool of cryopreserved Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) with dedicated Culture Medium Supplement ensuring a high sensitivity.

Test procedure

Day 1:
Under non-pyrogenic conditions:

  • To a 96-wells plate add culture medium, endotoxin standard, product samples & MAT Cells
  • Incubate for 18-24h at 37ºC

Day 2 (ELISA):
Under standard lab conditions:

  • Transfer supernatant into cytokine ELISA
  • Measure cytokine levels and analyze samples

Essange Reagents products for MAT

Day 1 (Cell incubation):

MAT Cell Set HS (M2017)

  • 3 vials of cryopreserved pooled PBMCs
  • 3 vials of MAT Human Serum Supplement
  • Fully compliant with Ph. Eur. chapter 2.6.30. requirements
  • Limit of Detection (LOD) for endotoxin ≤ 0.08 EU/mL*
  • Improved detection of Non-Endotoxin Pyrogens

MAT Cell Set (M2016)

  • 3 vials of cryopreserved pooled PBMCs
  • 3 vials of dedicated MAT Culture Medium Supplement (based on FBS)
  • PMBCs qualified according to Ph. Eur. chapter 2.6.30
  • Limit of Detection (LOD) for endoxtoxin ≤ 0.02 EU/mL
  • Detection of Non-Endotoxin Pyrogens

Day 2 (ELISA):

PeliKine Human IL-6 ELISA Rapid Set A (M2018) [NEW]
PeliKine Human IL-6 ELISA Rapid Set B (M2019) [NEW]

  • Highly sensitive IL-6 ELISA sufficient for three 96-well plates
  • IL-6 standard range (0.6 – 450 pg/mL)
  • Limit of Detection (LOD): 1 pg/mL (static incubation)

Why use Essange Reagents MAT kit?

  • Qualified according to European Pharmacopoeia Chapter 2.6.30
  • High sensitivity
  • Reactive towards non-endotoxin pyrogens
  • Measurement of IL-6 as cytokine read-out
  • Proven robustness and reliability
  • Storage at -80ºC (no liquid nitrogen required)
  • Assay time 24 hours including overnight culture
  • MAT cell Set HS (M2017) further reduces the use of animal-derived components

Why cryopreserved pooled PBMC as cell source?

  • Comparable reactivity to fresh PBMC
  • No need for blood donors and cell isolation for each experiment
  • Pool of 4 donors taking donor variation into account
  • Available on demand
  • Storage at -80ºC (no liquid nitrogen required)
  • Proven robustness and reliability

Why IL-6 as cytokine read-out?

  • High sensitivity
  • Fully secreted into the medium
  • Stable in (frozen) supernatant

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*Concentration stated as measured in the sample.