Quality control panels

The PeliControl whole blood samples are intended for use as patient samples for internal quality control procedures for checking ABO/Rh-D, as well as reverse blood grouping, antibody screening, and crossmatch.


PeliControl consists of two blood samples, each containing packed cells and control serum. With these two tubes you will have a positive as well as a negative control for all mentioned tests. In addition, a separate control is available for checking Rhesus phenotype and K blood grouping.


PeliControl is validated according to IVD standards and is CE marked. Validation is done for the manual tube method, for Essange Reagents’ MAGISTER C24 (Cellbind), for Biorad’s IH-systems (including Diamed DIANA), and for Ortho’s AUTOVUE. PeliControl is also suitable for other systems after your own validation.